About us  
  All around the world the name for coffee is derived from the KAFFA region in which the drink originates. Kaffa region of Ethiopia is generally regarded to be where the Arabica strain of coffee plant originates from, and where it was first cultivated.  

Coffee Tours PLC (CT) offers special tour program to this destination which is the origin of coffee-ETHIOPIA. That is why we named our company Coffee Tours PLC knowing that how coffee is more important in our daily lives. Coffee is more important in Ethiopia as it is not only a stimulant of a kind but it has a great social value and it is this part of coffee that we want you to see in Ethiopia along with the many attractions Ethiopia has.

Coffee Tours plc, is established by two dedicated and experienced Ethiopians who have been graduated from governmental tourism institute .We have accumulated work experience in guiding, operating tours and reserving  flight  and hotel rooms to honorable guests in Ethiopia

Coffee Tours PLC offers special programs such as:


Holiday tours


Educational tours


Coffee region tours


Historic Route tours


Cultural tours


Adventure tours


Bird Watching




Car rental service


Hotel and flight reservation


Souvenir shopping service

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